Realization of Prophetic Visions

By Philip Mark Ames

Name-Number of Beast

Revelation 17:3 states that the beast is full of names of blasphemy. Any of these would be a name of the wild beast. For example, one of the democratic beast's names would be "The People's Republic of China." Another might be "France"; another, "Japan". The name of each country is blasphemous because it stands for a governmental system which demands the worshipful allegiance of its citizens. The locality of each computer bank will also have a name, and a specific number corresponding to that name. These also would be names and numbers of the wild beast.

The full significance of the wild beast's number, as seen by John, remains to be seen. But, since John stated that it is a number which would be counted, added up, calculated, or computed, it is quite possible that 600-60-6 is the largest of many location-identifying numbers. It may be that each of the six inhabited continental areas of the world will be divided into as many as sixty regions. Each region could have up to six hundred local computer centers. In that case, the highest number for a name of the wild beast would be 600-60-6. The lowest might be 001- 01-1. The last digit would indicate the continental area of the account holder (Europe, North America, etc.). The middle two digits would locate the region of that continental area (Maine, Texas, Nevada, etc.). The first three digits would identify the local office where the accounts are kept. Thus the full name of one of democracy's computer centers might be San Angelo, Texas, North America. The number of that particular name of the wild beast might be 357-24-1. The number of the wild beast's name in Cairo, Egypt, Africa might be 009-02-5. Of course, I don't expect that either of these examples will be the real name- number combinations as devised by technocracy. I give them only to show the possible name number relationships which may be established world wide for efficiently carrying out the will of the people.

By means of the computerized name-number system, the world economy will be stabilized. Technocracy will seem to have succeeded in assuring political peace and economic security for the people who believe in the democratic way. But democracy has a built-in peril to individual liberty: when the will of the majority is enforced, the freedom of the minority is curtailed.

Woe to the faithful worshipper of the One True God, when the will of the people prevails. The dragon's warfare against the individual Spirit begotten children of God will have proved devastating; by then, any not yielding to the pressures and temptations will be put to death by the agents of democracy and its image. Satan's successor will rule supreme, aided by its powerful ten horns and by its technocratic false prophet. But John's vision reveals the existence of one more enemy of God's people. An evil woman rules the beast.

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Written by: Philip Mark Ames - - - 1975 Philip Mark Ames. All rights reserved.