Realization of Prophetic Visions

By Philip Mark Ames

Identity of the Land Beast

The beast of which science and technology have become the horns would be the ideology now being promoted by most scientists and engineers. Such men believe in and advocate the scientific governing of men. They want mankind to be ruled by technology. They contend that such a society would be efficient and would provide the greatest good for the largest number of people. That pattern of thought is based on faith in man's scientific and technical abilities. And that faith, as a form of government, is called technocracy. So, in a word, the beast tram the earth is technocracy. And the fact of the matter is, during the past two hundred years, society has been gradually submitting to technocratic control of its members. The two horns of the false prophet are realizing their objectives.

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Written by: Philip Mark Ames - - - 1975 Philip Mark Ames. All rights reserved.