Realization of Prophetic Visions

By Philip Mark Ames

Dragon Wages War

"Curses! Foiled again!" would be a mild way of expressing Satan's attitude when he saw what had happened. He had tried to destroy God's woman by persecution; she escaped and grew stronger. He had attempted to drown her in his river of false doctrines and pagan practices; the river was swallowed up. There she stood on dry ground; she was still faithful to her Husband, her Lord, and her God. Satan must have been fuming. John wrote:

"And the dragon became very angry at the woman; and it went off to make war with the rest of her seed, those observing God's commandments and having the witness of Jesus."

Having been unable to do away with the woman, Satan sought to destroy her yet unborn children. Remember, the woman is the fifth-dimension manifestation of the thought patterns of all those humans who are voluntarily submissive to God's will, His law, His commandments. She has existed ever since the days of righteous Abel, the first murder victim. For about 4,000 years, she remained barren, childless. Jesus of Nazareth became her very first child. All the God-fearing men and women who had lived and died prior to his death were indeed members of the body of God's woman. Yes, but they had not become her children.

The body of a natural woman is made up of billions of living cells. These cells, a few at a time, wear out and die; they are discarded by the body. New cells take their place. After several years have passed, their age, sickness, or injury has claimed all the original cells, but the woman is still alive, still complete; new cells have been produced to make up the body.

The same is true of God's spiritual woman. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, etc., etc., -- they all died. New living cells were formed in the woman's body. So, today, she is still alive, still the same woman, and still loved by God. If you love God, unselfishly seeking to please Him, then you are one of the living cells in the body of God's woman, His wife. But, are you, or will you be, one of her children?

In the body of any woman, not all of the cells can become children. Only God can determine which ones will be part of the arm, or leg, or toenail, or eyeball. And He alone can decide which ones will be those very special cells called eggs or ova. The ovum is the only cell in the woman's body which can accept the life-giving sperm from a man and grow into a completely new human being. Of the billions of cells in a woman's body, only a few thousand are egg cells. And out of those, very, very few are ever impregnated by a male sperm. If an ovum is fertilized by a sperm and a new living soul is created, that unborn child still faces the possibility of natural, accidental, or deliberately-induced abortion; it may never be born alive.

Perhaps among those God-fearing humans who are members of the spiritual woman, the chances of becoming a child of the woman are somewhat better. But each newly-conceived child in the womb of God's woman still faces the possibility of an abortion induced by Satan. The devil delights in the murder of unborn children, physical or spiritual. And, since the end of the sixteenth century, he has been waging an all-out war on the remaining ones of the woman's seed, her children.

The woman's first child was conceived when Jesus was baptized in water and Holy Spirit. By means of His Spirit, God transmitted to the soul of Jesus the potential for immortal life. Thus, Holy Spirit acted as the male sperm, impregnating one of the thousands of ova living within the body of God's spiritual woman. The actual birth of this new creation did not occur until the death and resurrection of' Jesus. The same process of conception by Holy Spirit, and birth by resurrection, is true of all God's potentially- immortal children.

Between the time of conception and the beginning of the birth, each of the woman's children is a target of attack by the seven-headed Satan. John identified the woman's seed as those observing God's commandments (they are thus living cells in the body of God's woman), and having the witness of Jesus. (Rev. 12:17) This "witness (or testimony) of Jesus" is the spirit of prophecy, Holy Spirit. (Rev. 19:10) So the woman's seed, or children, are those members of her body who have been filled with Holy Spirit in the same way that Jesus was. They have been begotten of God's Spirit. Unless aborted, they will be born again by resurrection into immortality, even as was Jesus.

This second birth actually begins with their physical death. So, having lived faithful to God, their death makes their resurrection absolutely certain. Once the birth process has begun, nothing can prevent its completion. The amount of time elapsing between the death and resurrection makes no difference. Whether it be three days and three nights, as in the case of Jesus; or over 1900 years, as in the case of the Apostles, or instantly, in the twinkling of an eye, as will be the case with those Spirit-begotten Christians who are still alive when Christ returns; their being put to death in the flesh assures their being made alive in the spirit.

Knowing that, the Dragon is not now killing true Christians for their faith in God, except as an attempt to inspire cowardice in their associates. Rather, for the most part, his warfare against them takes two other basic forms. In order to destroy the individual Spirit-begotten children of God before they can be born again, Satan must cause them to sin against the Holy Spirit by which they were conceived. How does he attempt to accomplish this?

One way that he uses is exemplified in his dealings with Job. He caused calamities in Job's life, and turned Job's friends and even his wife against him. If you are a child of God's woman, similar things may happen to you, things which may even seem to have nothing to do with your religious beliefs. But they could be very discouraging. And the entire dragon-like swarm of wicked spirits hopes you will give up, curse God, and die, the victim of a devil-induced abortion.

The Dragon's other method of warfare is even more commonly used. It is what he tried on Jesus without success. It is what he tried on the ancient Israelites with much success. And with some success, he is constantly using this method on Christians at this time. Through his minions, he is continually appealing to the needs and desires of the flesh. Temptation, the dragon's deceptive and powerful tail, is now being used very effectively in his warfare against all the remaining ones of the woman's seed. Will you be one of his vanquished victims? What is your particular weakness of the flesh? Is it food? Clothing? Sex? Money? Glory? Fame? Security? Friends? Alcohol? Drugs? Competition? Entertainment? Do you know? Satan does! And if you are a child of God, your weakness will be used as a weapon against you by your adversary the Devil.

If he does not succeed in one form of attack, he will surely use another. He is waging war against each individual child of God's woman. It is not just one or two brief battles; it is total war. He thinks he can win. But, by God, you can conquer him. You can defeat the entire dragon. God is on your side; He is your Father, you are His child. With Jesus Christ, you can share in the victory over the' great fiery dragon.

But, the seven-headed dragon is not the only enemy of God, His woman, and their children. Standing on the sand of the sea, John sees the dragon. The sea begins to boil something is rising from its depths. What is it? The next chapter tells.

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Written by: Philip Mark Ames - - - 1975 Philip Mark Ames. All rights reserved.