Realization of Prophetic Visions

By Philip Mark Ames

Creates Image of First Beast

Because of technocracy's great accomplishments (some good, others bad), it is actually misleading Earth's inhabitants. In fact, it has invented something which is now being produced on a mass scale by its employees. What these workers are making is in reality an image of the wild beast who had survived the deadly sword-stroke. John reports: "And it is misleading those dwelling upon the earth... saying... to make an image to the wild beast who had the sword-stroke and lived." What is this image?

What has been produced which people have accepted as reflecting the mind of the majority? Democracy being an ideology, it is not tangible. The "will of the people" must have some instrumentality by which to express itself. People want to see the object of their worship. No traditional type carved image would be adequate for representing the mind of man. But technocracy has now created an image of man's mind which actually duplicates the decision making process. The electronic computer has already been installed as the visible mediator between the individual and the group, the worshipper and his god. Yes, the computer is now being used for deter- mining the results of democratic process. It materializes the ethereal "consensus of opinion", which man has come to revere above all other gods.

Science has discovered that man's brain and nervous system are electrically active. Technology has developed the computer, which also stores vast amounts of information in the form of electrical impulses. It can compare these bits of stored data and make decisions. Yet, though it is the image of man's mind, the computer is totally without emotion; it is therefore very efficient, but also potentially very dangerous.

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Written by: Philip Mark Ames - - - 1975 Philip Mark Ames. All rights reserved.