Realization of Prophetic Visions

By Philip Mark Ames

Eighth King

After having told John that the beast's seven heads are seven mountains, the angel goes on to reveal the existence of seven kings. According to the wording of the original Greek, the angel need not have been referring to the seven-heads of the beast when he said, "and kings seven are." (Rev. 17:10, translated literally) Stated according to English grammar, this could read: "And seven kings exist." But if the "seven kings" are not identical with the seven heads of the beast, who are they?

In actuality, the angel was referring to the seven Devil Kings which are identified with the heads of the dragon. Concerning these, the angel elaborates: "The five fell; the one is; the other has not yet come, and whenever he should come he is bound to remain for a little while." They have been explained in my preceding chapter.

The angel next tells John that the wild beast itself is the eighth king. That is, though it is not one of the seven Satanic spirit rulers of the world, yet it is given authority to act in the same capacity as one of them. It becomes the successor to the wicked spirit prince who had led Genghis Khan and the Mongols to world power. So, after having ruled the world directly for several thousand years, the seven Devil Kings turn the throne over to man. They have confidence in human nature. And, judging from the world's present condition, man's system of rule has not been disappointing to the dragon. He couldn't have done worse himself!

The will of the people is seldom the same as the will of God. Man's mind rebels against God and His moral laws. And any rebellion against God is obedience to the devil, worship of the dragon. Satan once told Jesus that he would give him rulership of all the kingdoms of the world as a reward for one act of worship. Jesus refused, but man has accepted that offer. Having rejected God's will, men have received authority from the dragon to rule themselves. The democratic ideology is inspired by the seven Devil Kings; it comes from them. That is why the angel told John that the eighth king is "out of the seven." (Rev 17:11, literal Greek) The wild beast is not one of the "seven kings"; rather, it is "out of" them. It exists because of them; it was created at their instance, under their direction and in their image. Its power and throne and great authority is from them.

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Written by: Philip Mark Ames - - - 1975 Philip Mark Ames. All rights reserved.