Realization of Prophetic Visions

By Philip Mark Ames

Ten Horns

The angel continues his explanation to John: "And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they are receiving authority as kings one hour with the wild beast." (Rev. 17:12) The Greek word for "hour" can mean any relatively short period of time. From the wording of the angel's statement, one could reasonably infer that the ten kings were in existence when John received the Revelation about 1900 years ago; but they were kings without a kingdom. They had not yet been granted actual kingly authority and a realm over which to rule. But during the reign of the wild beast, they were to have such authority.

When John saw the wild beast arising from the sea, he noted that each horn was wearing a diadem, the sign of kingly authority. Here a riddle presents itself:

The seven heads of the dragon each wore a diadem, but John saw no diadems on its ten horns. Now he sees the ten horns of the wild beast wearing ten diadems, but there are no diadems on its seven heads. Why? Compounding the riddle, it will be remembered that the heads of the beasts seen by Daniel were not wearing diadems; neither were the ten horns of the fourth beast. Yet, each beast is called a king by the interpreting angel; and each horn is also called a king. What then is the significance of the diadems?

The only other mention of diadems in the Revelation is in chapter 19, verse 12. Here, Jesus Christ is seen with many diadems upon his head. This is because he is king over all kings. The diadem is an indication of kingship by Divine right. It is given by direct permission of God. The wearer needs answer to no one but God. Jesus, having been given the Divine right to rule over all kingdoms, wears many diadems.

The seven spirits who appear as heads of the dragon were long ago given the Divine right to rule over certain earthly realms. Each was to be supreme ruler of his particular realm, answering only to God for his actions. An example of such authority is given in the book of Job. The particular Devil King who ruled the area where Job lived asked God's permission to test Job's integrity. This, God granted stipulating that Job not be killed. In his attack upon Job, Satan had at his disposal all the elements of nature, as well as human pawns, By means of these, the Devil King severely tested Job's endurance. Job endured, giving glory to God.

Each possessing Divinely-granted kingship, the seven heads of the dragon was seen by John to be wearing seven diadems. But its ten horns were not at that time wearing diadems. They had not yet been given the Divine right to supreme power over any realm. They could only act as instruments of the dragon itself. Likewise, the beasts seen by Daniel were not supreme. They have acted under the direction of the four spirits of heaven, the last four of the seven Devil Kings. As for the horns of the fourth beast; they are governments which act as kings in the name of their religion, Communism; they answer to the party members who have empowered them. So, none of these kings seen by Daniel wears a diadem. They did not receive their kingly authority directly from God. Only He can bestow the diadem. For that same reason, neither the wild beast itself, nor its seven heads, can claim any diadems.

However, it seems that God has now granted the diadem of supreme kingship to each of ten princely angels. These were once only horns on the dragon, vassal kings of Satan. Now, no longer subject to any of the dragon's seven heads, they have become independent kings. Each has been given his own realm. But, God has also put a certain thought into their hearts. All ten, acting upon that thought, have given their kingdom and power and authority to the wild beast. (Rev. 17:13, 17)

Having thus committed themselves to the will of the people, they are seen as horns on the democratic beast hence, whatever course of action man decides on, these ten diadem wearing spirit kings will carry it out with all their power and authority. This gives man the uncanny ability to act outside the confines of the physical realm Man is just now beginning to discover that tremendous potential for implementing the will of the majority. When fully realized, the service rendered by those ten evil spirits will be man's ultimate weapon against alt the enemies of democracy, both physical and spiritual. With that kind of help, how can democracy fail? Who can effectively fight it? This is the attitude of the people of the whole world.

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Written by: Philip Mark Ames - - - 1975 Philip Mark Ames. All rights reserved.